Strategies and policies


Our strategy documents provide a guiding plan for the Myrovlytis Trust. We have two strategies to address the two parallel goals of our mission.

  • The Scientific Strategy describes how we aim to promote research into rare genetic disorders and what we hope to achieve.
  • The Education Strategy describes how we aim to advance education of the public in medical and molecular genetics.


Our policies detail the principles by which we operate.

  • The Research Evaluation Procedure describes the processes by which all applications are considered for funding.
  • The Myrovlytis Trust is sensitive to conflicts of interest and requires fair standards of evaluation for each application and appropriate conduct of all acting on behalf of the Trust. Full details are given in our Conflict of Interest policy.
  • The Myrovlytis Trust Open Access Policy sets out our commitment to the Europe PMC project, and systems we have in place to support it.