Thank you for your interest in the Myrovlytis Trust. If you would like to support the work of the Myrovlytis Trust, there are two ways of donating.  The Trust accepts general donations, or you can choose a specific research project to support.  This second way, known as substitution funding, means that you can support the research you care about.


General donation

Amount of donation: 

All transactions are administered through Paypal and all personal details are kept confidential.


How substitution funding works

Click on the link below to see some of our current and upcoming research projects, and the amount already awarded for each project. You can contribute any amount you wish to your chosen project(s). Your donation is used to offset the amount already awarded.

You will receive regular updates about the project(s) you are supporting.

In addition, we are interested to know why you have chosen your specific project. If you would like to share this information, email

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For details about tax efficient regular donations, please email