Renal Gene Therapy Grant Awards

The Trust is delighted to announce that it is funding three research projects in renal gene therapy:

  • Dr Yosef Haviv at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Centre, Israel, will take an SV40-based kidney gene therapy approach. Dr Haviv’s project will involve developing an SV40-FLCN vector and looking at its ability in vivo to transduce mouse kidneys and its effect on a BHD mouse model.
  • Dr Richard Harbottle at Imperial College London, UK, will use non-viral S-MAR plasmid vectors to develop prophylactic gene therapy for BHD. Dr Harbottle will use a variety of gene transfer methods in in vitro and in vivo model systems.
  • A collaboration between Andy Baker and Laura Denby (Glasgow, UK) and David Curiel and Justin Roth (University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA), will develop virus- and cell-based targeting platforms for renal gene therapy. They will identify new ligands with a high affinity for renal tissues, use the ligands to make targeted vehicles for renal gene therapy, then evaluate the delivery efficiency of the vehicles.

The Trust is very pleased have the opportunity to support such excellent scientists and such exciting science.