Promoting research

Our main activity is to fund exceptional researchers.

Why are we funding research?

Researchers need support to be able to undertake important investigations. From these investigations, researchers develop greater understanding of their subject, whether it is the molecular biology of tumour growth, the structure of a key protein or the best therapy for a specific symptom.

New insights need to be shared and discussed. Therefore we are also passionate about promoting a model of research that maximises its impact by encouraging collaboration.

As new insights build up to a greater understanding of a disease, it becomes possible to develop new and more useful treatments.

Our Scientific Strategy articulates our rationale and plan for promoting research.

Wider benefits

Research into a rare disorder like BHD syndrome is also valuable to the wider population, as:

1. A treatment for BHD could be applicable to related disorders. Therefore, insight into BHD is insight into other diseases, including more common disorders.

2. The organisation of rare disease research can be used as a model. Standard research models are often difficult to implement because rare disease communities are geographically widespread and funding more challenging to obtain. Effective rare disease research requires an unusually high level of collaboration between researchers, patient advocacy groups, and other organisations, and so offers a more proactive and efficient approach.

Continue to Case studies to explore how rare disease research proves its value.