Researcher profiles

As part of the Myrovlytis Trust’s commitment to fostering communication between the often separate spheres of researchers and patients, we have both written and video interviews with leading researchers in BHD syndrome. The researchers not only explain their projects and describe interesting future areas of investigation, but also offer a personal perspective of working in science and medicine.

We have worked with Jill Woodward, a filmmaker and producer based in New York, to interview researchers at the Fourth BHD Symposium, the Third BHD Symposium and at the National Cancer Institute, NIH. We have also worked with Yada-Yada Productions and science broadcaster Dr Sharon Ann Holgate, to film researchers in the United Kingdom.

The first video was uploaded to in March 2011; there are currently 19 videos available. See the Video Interviews. The first written interview was uploaded to in September 2009 and there are currently over 20 interviews available, which can be found here.