Dr Land: VEGF-A Signalling and BHD lung cysts

A tissue bank resource to investigate the link between VEGF-A signalling and pulmonary cysts formation in BHD Syndrome

Dr Stephen Land’s main goal is to build a tissue bank of BHD patient nasal epithelial cells. These cells are an excellent model for lung cells, but the method of collection is much less invasive, requiring only nasal brushing. Once this tissue bank is established, Dr Land’s team will use the cells to investigate the role of VEGF-A in lung cyst formation in BHD. The cells will also be available for other BHD researchers to use to investigate the lung symptoms of BHD.

Dr Land is Senior Lecturer in pulmonary ion transport and oxygen sensing mechanisms in fetal lung development at the University of Dundee, in Scotland.

To find out more about Dr Land, please read his written interview.

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